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anal glands

Cat Anal Glands: Symptoms & Treatment

Although this is not a very pleasant topic but still it needs to be discussed because most of the cats face the severe issue of anal gland diseases in their routine lives. Cat anal glands are present in the cats of both sexes. Anal sacs are mainly the anal glands that release oily secretions from the anal area. These oily secretions contain very strong smell and they are used for the purpose of marking the stool. Cats tend to bury their stool in order to announce that they possess a certain region. The smell of every cat’s stool is different from the stool of other cat so every cat can tell her area from the smell of her stool.

If something goes wrong with your cat’s anal glands then not only will it lead a disturbed life but it will also remain in continuous pain until the issue is medically resolved.

Cat anal gland diseases:

Cats face various health problems due to the issues with their anal glands.

  • During the procedure of passing stool, a cat puts extreme pressure on its anal glands in order to excrete the fluid from it. If a cat remains unable to push out the secretions from the anal glands then these secretions start to get thick and finally turn into a solid matter which can prove very painful for the cat.
  • Most of the cats also face the issue of anal gland infection due to the infestation of bacteria inside the glands.
  • Abscess is also created on the anal area when the skin breaks due to infection and pus flows out of the infected skin.
  • If abscesses are treated on time then they can heal but if they are left untreated then they get worse and turn into chronic cancer.

Symptoms revealed during the anal gland issues:

If a cat is in pain due to the anal gland diseases then it will reveal the following symptoms:

  • It will sit on its butt and will try to drag its bottom on the rough ground in order to get relief.
  • It will try to lick its anus more and more and even for longer durations.
  • It will feel severe pain in the anal area, areas surrounding the anal area and its tail.
  • Drops of pus or even blood are going to drip out of the anal canal.
  • If anybody will try to touch its butt, it will show extreme aggression.

Cat anal glands

How to treat the anal gland diseases?

If your cat is suffering from the impacted glands then you need to take your cat to the vet as soon as possible. The vet is going to suck out the fluid that has turned into solid from the anal glands, by using a manual procedure. Vet will put a pressure on the gland by inserting his finger inside the anal canal and pushing his thumb against the exterior of the anal closing.

anal glands

If the issue is not resolved through this method then next option is surgery. Later on the vet will also prescribe some antibiotics for the cat in order to prevent any post-surgery infection.

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