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cat abdominal pain

Cat Abdominal Pain: How To Get Rid Of It?

Abdominal generally known as abdominal cavity encompasses the different organs that perform important functions for body survival. Naturally, it is located between chest and pelvis and controls the whole body with kidneys, gallbladder, pancreases, liver and spleen. The cat abdominal pain generally refers to the disorder of any above mentioned organs.

How will you realize abdominal pain?

Symptoms of severe abdominal pain may not always similar, a deformed appearance and when a cat behaves abnormal while touching the intestine vicinity are both vexing. Other symptoms fluctuate with regard to their grounds, for instance:

  • Cat having kidney problem will find it difficult in urination
  • Constipated cat may behave weird to the tray of food and giardia, better known as vomiting, will have diarrhea
  • If it has poisoned it will appear like puzzled, suds at the mouth, heave and apprehension.
  • Difficult to breath may be in case of cancer
  • Dehydration, high fever and poor appetite in case of Salmonellosis. This disease is also contagious to humans. Low quality food causes of this disease.
  • In case of Feline Infection Peritonitis (FIP) it shows the nasal discharge, water in the eyes and sneezing.

cat abdominal pain

The causes for abdominal pains:

As abdominal contains numbers of organs that control approximately whole body. There are numbers of causes for cat abdominal pain such as:

  • Cancer
  • Constipation, intestinal obstruction or Dietary intolerance
  • Salmonellosis also known as zoonotic disease
  • Feline infection peritonitis (FIP)
  • Ascite, accumulation of fluid in abdominal and causes its swollen
  • Stone in the bladder
  • Pancreatitis

How the abdominal pain be diagnosed?

There are certain ways to diagnose the pain

  • Ultrasound image of the organs in the abdominal
  • X-ray in some cases
  • Blood count test for pancreatitis
  • Urinalysis test to examine whether the organs functioning properly
  • Biopsy for cancer
  • Peritoneal fluid analysis to check which type of fluid has been accumulated in the abdominal
  • Bacteriological analysis test or fresh feces sample for Salmonellosis
  • Immunoperoxidse test to find the virus infected cell in the tissue later biopsy for infected cell is necessary for evaluation

Treatments for the abdominal pains:

  • Surgery to remove cancer or tumors
  • Bladder rapture requires surgery
  • Serve her more and more water for consumption and scrutinize prescribed diet to liquefy the bladder’s stone and it also transforms the PH of blood.
  • Surgery also helps in removing the bladder stone
  • Lithotripsy includes breakdown of stones with shocks wave
  • Surgery suggested for pancreatitis if bile ducts obstructed
  • Soft the bench on which cat sits in case of dietary intolerance, laxative, medication, high fiber diet, increase her water consumption, increase her exercise, also suggested for the pancreatitis disease.
  • IV fluids electrolytes should be given, food and water are not preferred in this case unless diarrhea is present
  • Blood transfusion and fluid therapy for FIP

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