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Ringworm on dogs

Can Ringworm On Dogs Be Treated?

Most of the times dog owners are worried about the occurrence of bacterial or fungal infections in their dogs while the first and foremost rule of fighting against such diseases is to keep your dog and your environment extra clean. Ringworm on dogs is one such condition that involves the severe attack of the fungal infection. Ringworm infection is highly contagious as it can easily spread to the surrounding animals plus it can also affect the humans living near the effected dogs. If your dog is showing bald patchy areas in his fur coat then this means he is attacked by ringworm.

Ringworm: Physical symptoms

Some of the physical symptoms of Ringworm include:

  • Lesions on head, forelimbs, ears and paws
  • Bald spots on the surface of the skin caused by the lesions
  • Hair loss or broken hair
  • Presence of fungus in the body without any physical symptoms

Who is more at risk for ringworm?

All those dogs that have not yet reached the age of one year are at high risk for this disease. Except for the dogs that are less than one year age, the dogs that don’t receive proper diet or are weak are also at high risk. You can simply say that all the stressed, malnourished, or dogs with low immunity are highly prone to this disease.

Ringworm on dogs

Ringworm transmission:

If you suspect that your dog has been attacked by the ringworm then you must immediately take him to the vet because ringworm is known to be highly contagious disease. It can easily transfer from one living being to another through:

  • Contact with the animals infected with ringworm
  • Infected utensils
  • Infected bedding
  • Infected clothes
  • Infected hair
  • Infected scales
  • Items touched or used by infected animals

You must keep in mind that ringworm becomes highly dangerous for the dogs living in the dog shelter or dog kennel because if one dog gets infected from the ringworm then other dogs also get this infection.

Ringworm: diagnosis, treatment and care:

Ringworm is very dangerous infection as it spreads at an alarming rate over the entire body of the affected dog. If you feel that your dog is probably showing the symptoms of ringworm then you must instantly have your dog examined by an expert vet. If your dog is not showing the symptoms of ringworm but is showing the symptoms of a skin infection or any sort of fungal infection then again you must take your dog to the vet because most of the times ringworm is not revealed until it’s too late. The diagnosis involves the culture test of the baldy patches, UV light test of the dog’s skin, or microscopic examination of the dog’s hair.

ringworm in dogs treatment

Most of the veterinary doctors suggest the use of miconazole, medicated shampoo, or lime sulfur dip to control this fungal condition while some of the doctors also suggest oral medical treatments. It takes almost a month or at least three weeks to cure this disease completely.

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