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Brazilian Model Poses Underwater

Brazilian Model Poses Underwater for “Save the Sharks” Photo shoot!

Many of us might have experienced a cool and refreshing swim in the swimming pool but if this swim is performed under the ocean in the midst of the blood-thirsty sharks then it becomes the most dangerous act ever. This dangerous act turns even more disturbing if you are standing under water, in the midst of the sharks, wearing a fancy designer dress without any protection.

A Brazilian producer and a TV presenter Karina Oliani, recently posed underwater for a life-threatening photo shoot in Bahamas. At the start of the shoot, she reaches the boat with her assistant and performs makeup on her face to provide herself with a glamorous look.

Snappy Dresser

The biggest achievement of Karina is that she is also possesses a great expertise in diving.

Karina Oliani

Karina donnes a stunning designer dress and makes necessary preparations for her underwater photo shoot. According to Karina, she posed amongst the sharks in order to create awareness for the sharks that are becoming quite scarce.

Photo shoot underwater

Karina is of the opinion that people should know that sharks are facing danger from the shark hunters and are misunderstood by the common people.

Brazilian Designer Arthur Caliman

The elimination of sharks can cause a serious disturbance in the ecological balance of the marine life.

save the sharks

Following the famous slogan of Stuart Cove “Save the sharks and you’ll save the seas”, Karina takes this unusual step.

Karina Oliani's underwater fashion

Wearing one of dresses designed by the Brazilian Designer Arthur Caliman and accompanied by an advocate for shark protection and ocean conservation along with a professional free diver, Karina jumps into the ocean waters.

Karina Oliani's sneepy dresser

Standing on the ship wreck, Karina poses for almost 2500 pictures.

photo shoot in Bahamas

The entire journey was extremely tough but at the end it was really worth it.

Snappy Dresser model photoshoot

Snappy Dresser model with sharks

Karina hopes that her efforts get recognized in the form of sharks receiving the protection they need.

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