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soft claws for kittens

Best Kitten Claws Covers For Your Kitty

Wearing covers to kitten claws is the best way to prevent scratches caused by it as it’s a habit of cats that they love to scratch but scratching can cause injury to you and your precious things at home. You cannot love your kitten closely just because of its sharp nails so it’s better to cover their nails with claws.

There different type’s claw covers available in the market for the kittens, mostly good claw covers are made from the safe, nontoxic natural vinyl resin. The material of the claw cover matters a lot, if the material is not comfortable it can make your kitten uncomfortable. Kitten owner must know which claw cover is better for his loving kitten.

Types of claw covers:

There are only few types of claws covers available in the market for the kittens or cats and some of them are listed below:

  • Rubber claw covers
  • Plastic claw covers
  • Handmade cotton claw covers

kitten claw covers

Material of claw covers:

Firstly it’s important to know what is a claw cap or cover and which material is better. Mostly claw covers are available made up of rubber, plastic, natural vinyl resin and of cotton material. There are different sets of claws covers with different colors can be used to cover your kitten’s claws without any harm to its claws.

soft claws for kittens

Which one is better cover?

Even though nail caps of any kind do not harm them. Cats can do everything but the problem occurs when they are wearing rubber or plastic claw covers. It can be seen that cat’s claws plays an important role in their lives because they do many activities with them like climbing, running, and jumping etc. When they are wearing slippery claw cover made of plastic or rubber it will definitely create a problem for her especially for the kittens because they are in age of learning and they love to play all around. When these claws are covered with plastic covers it will not allow them to do all these activities. So, it better to have claw covers made of other non slippery material, which is soft and doesn’t prevent them from enjoying their lives.

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Another solution:

Mostly plastic covers are available for the kittens which are an obstacle in the enjoyment of your kitten but it is important to make them keep wearing covers. For this, you can take your kitten out for a while without wearing those covers and let them do scratching somewhere out of your place. It will enjoy because scratching is an essential need of any kitten or cat. When it is done with it to home and cover their claws again.

kitten claw nails

Training your kitten to wear claw cover:

It’s difficult to train a grown up cat but it’s easy to train a kitten because it is its growing and learning age train them enjoying different activities with covered claws. When the kittens are trained with the covered claws they will not feel uncomfortable with those plastic or rubber claw covers as well.

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