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Basic Pet Training Dog Owners Should Know

Here we come with some useful basics about dog’s training. Same like every human being, your pooch also needs some basic training regarding his behavior. If you give proper pet training to your pooch then you will never ever face any kind of unusual behavior problems at all. For instance, when you give your toddler baby a basic potty training then the baby starts to do it rightly. Same is the case with dogs. For this purpose, you can take help from internet as well as from your dog’s vet.

Types of basic dog training

  • Toilet training

Toilet training is considered as an absolute requirement in cases where a dog spends a major portion of his time indoors. This training is somehow stressful and covers multiple trials. Dog owners have to be very patient while giving their dog toilet training. You have to make the use of proper dog training tips so that you could get the desired outcomes.

toilet training

This training starts when your dog is 3 months old. It is so because puppies of below this age limit have no control on their bladder and bowel. If you go on giving this training after this age limit then you will have to wait much longer to see the outcomes. So the age of 3 months is the best suitable for toilet training. For this purpose, you have to keep your puppy in a very restricted area. It can be a small room or crate, etc. Below mentioned are some tips that you can keep in your mind while giving your puppy the basic toilet training.

  • Make a regular schedule of mealtimes while giving your pooch toilet training. There should be no biscuits or snacks between these meal times.  You must keep snacks items away from your pooch.
  • Offer multiple opportunities of potty to your dog on frequent basis.
  • Stay along with your puppy when he goes out for “business”. If he does it rightly, praise the success of your dog so that he could perform it with more confidence next time.
  • Dog training games such as find it, hide and seek can also be helpful in this regard.

  • Obedience training

obedience dog

Obedience of a dog is also important as obedience of family members is important. Dog owners use to search solutions of different behavioral issues on internet like how to train your dog not to bite? Obedience training is the answer to all questions of this sort. It is supposed to be a great pleasure when an obedient dog is around you. There are some important tips in order to teach your dog with obedience training. You can train your dog with the help of some basic obedience commands. These commands are: sit, stand, drop, heel, stay, come, eat, run, stop, etc. If you want to get outcomes soon then you can also go for positive reinforcement method for sure. These commands will also help you while training dog not to bite.

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