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atopic dermatitis cure

Atopic Dermatitis Cure In Pet Dogs

Atopic dermatitis is in fact a disease which has the tendency to develop antibodies. This is one of the most common allergic conditions of the skin which affects round about 10% dogs. Most of the dogs that are in between 1 to 3 years suffer from the atopic. Those breeds which are susceptible from atopic dermatitis include Labrador, Golden Retrievers, Lhasa Apsos, West Highland White Terrers, English Setters, Dalmatians, Poodles,, Boxers, Irish Setters, Wire Fox Terriers and any other dog may be affected. Sometimes, even mixed breeds of dogs can be affected from atopic.

This is one of the allergic symptoms of the skin which are usually harmless. Two of most important common offenders of canine atopic dermatitis are pollen and dust mites. This is in fact very difficult for pets to avoid, as there are dust mites everywhere and pollen also permeates the outdoors from the air.

atopic dermatitis cure

Symptoms and causes of canine atopic dermatitis:

Most of the important symptoms of canine atopic dermatitis include excessive scratching in the body, rubbing of body on the carpet, flaky or greasy skin, itching, chewing of the paws and other areas of the body including groin and armpits. With the passage of time, hot spots developed on the scratches or inflamed areas. But unfortunately, when this disease develops in dogs, their skin becomes more and more sensitive each year with the passage of time.

If you feel your pet dog develops with the signs of atopic dermatitis, you should visit the veterinarian as soon as possible for atopic dermatitis cure. Now, there are also some steroids or any other anti itch shampoo for relieve from itching for the short period of time. Another therapy which is used to control the allergy for the period of time is fatty acid therapy. In the severe cases seen in the dog’s skin, there are many antibiotics which are used to clear the damage. But if unfortunately, allergy persists, there is a requirement of regulate desensitization shots for the relief from this allergy. It is also very important to minimize the exposure of pets from canine atopic dermatitis, otherwise they can also return when once the treatment is halted.

atopic dermatitis in dogs

With the passage of time, there is also a rise in the growth of this disease in dogs. There are a lot of other ways in order to protect your pet from this disease. You can avoid from the pollen entirely if you prohibit your dog from going out of the door or any other open place.

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