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Amazing! This Cat Lady Spends Around 1.6 US Million Dollars On Her Cats Every Year!

A 67 year old Californian lady claims that she tops the eccentric crazy cat lady list. Lynea Lattanzio loves cats and currently she is the parent of around 1100 cats, wandering freely all around her house. Lynea claims that she loves cats because cats are beautiful, independent and graceful. She has created a record by living in with almost 28,000 cats.

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Lynea Lattanzio is the proud owner and controller of “The Cat House on the Kings”. This cat house currently possesses the honor of being the largest free-moving and live-in zone for abandoned cats, in California. This cat house was founded by Lynea Lattanzio in her beautifully furnished home. Currently the cat house is a comfortable home to 300 kittens, 800 adult cats, but the number is still rising with each passing day.

When Lynae was unable to find room for herself in her bedroom due to the presence of 60 cats, she moved out to a rental on her homelands. Lynae abandoned her elegantly built five bedroom house to live in a rusty rental built on 1600-1800 sq foot. Although she misses living in a mansion spread over 4200 sq-foot with an amazing pool, a bar, and river view but she has no regrets about it.

It was in fact Lynea’s father who came up with the passion of housing abandoned cats in their home. He started this mission in 1992 by asking Lynea to find some cats for him. She at first brought 15 kittens from a nearby pet shelter but later on that year she has housed 96 abandoned cats and that was the time she realized that this is the purpose of her life. Throughout her journey, Lynea has also seen her share of hardships; she used her entire retirement earnings, also sold her wedding ring and car in order to finance this purpose.

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The cat house currently spends around 1.6 million dollars/year on the housing, food, medical, and maintenance costs. Lynea has also hired a team of volunteers to help her with her cause.

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