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dog menstrual cycle

All About Dog Menstrual Cycle

According to some experts, menstruation is not same in female dogs and woman. Female dogs are supposed to have a cycle of estrus. This cycle is also known as dog menstrual cycle. Those female dogs that are sexually very much mature undergo this heat cycle for two times per year as compared to other female dogs. This cycle starts at the age of 10 to 12 months. They experience this cycle till the end of their life. Only a single difference can be seen with the passage of time. This difference is about the gap between the cycles. This gap increases with the passage of time especially among the old female dogs.

dog menstrual cycle

Both hormonal as well as physical changes can be seen when a female dog is about to undergo heat cycle. In terms of hormones, three are of very much importance. These three hormones are estrogen, luteinizing hormone and progesterone. These three hormones are very important for different purposes. These are responsible for the ovulation and for the perfect start of estrus cycle. These can also help to maintain pregnancy among female dogs.

female dog menstruation

Heat is a permanent as well as natural process in female dogs. When it is about to start, it is in need of some time in order to become regular. It can take up to twenty months for a dog to have regular cycle of estrus. It is recommended to all of you who are having a female dog to keep a check of this heat cycle. It is so because in this way, you will be able to know the time of this cycle of estrus in female dogs. It is observed that all types of female dogs have this process of estrus throughout their lifetime. In old female dogs, time space between the heat cycles goes on increasing as compared to all those female dogs that are adult.

dog menstrual cycle

It is seen that some people go on using some special chemicals on their female dogs. They do so when the first cycle of heat starts in their female dogs. According to some experts in United States of America, these chemical are able to reduce the chance of so many serious health issues in female dogs. False pregnancy can also come under the heading of these health issues.

Besides all these things, the treatment is also of very great importance. You can cure your female dog from getting into any serious issue. Veterinary attention is of very great importance in terms of this issue. Here, you are recommended to avoid your dog from mating as well as from nursing. You have to make them avoid mating for at least one day with male dogs. You must feed the small dogs with any other recommended supplement. Ask your vet in this regard. He will definitely help you about the heat cycle in your female dog.

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