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A Guide Toward Bird Egg Identification

Birds lay eggs in their nest generally however we may find eggs at some strange places as well. This happens because certain species of birds are in a habit of laying eggs at different places of land. When there are different species of birds living at the same place together it is very difficult for a common man to differentiate between the eggs of the relative birds. So, we can differentiate and identify the bird’s egg at the base of following characteristics.

Egg shell:

The shells of the eggs of different birds vary in color, composition, shape, length and many other things as well. If one is able to recognize the shell of the egg of the specific species of birds it is very easy for anyone to identify bird’s eggs. There is a great range of diversity among the egg shell of birds. For example, the eggshell of domestic hens can be white, off white or yellow brown. Whereas the egg shells of ducks are golden brown of orange in color. Apart from color, the eggs’ shells also vary in general appearance like the egg shell of domestic hen is smooth but that of duck is oily.

Bird egg identification

Size of eggs:

Bird egg identification can also be done with the help of the size of eggs. Eggs of different birds vary in size so the eggs of the birds are directly proportional to the size of the bird laying that egg. This means the larger or huge the bird the larger the egg is. So, with the help of the size of the egg it is very easy to identify whose bird’s egg it is. We can easily identify the egg of a domestic hen and that of the ostrich because egg of domestic hen will be much smaller than that of the ostrich.

Birds Egg Identification

Shape of eggs:

The shape of eggs can help us a lot during the bird’s egg identification. Different species of birds lay eggs in different shapes. Every individual species has its own specific shape of the eggs. Some of the most common shapes of bird’s egg found are elliptical, cylindrical, oval, circular and spherical. Those people who are able to differentiate between shapes of the eggs and know about the shape of the egg of the different species of birds can easily identify the bird’s eggs. Habitat plays an important role in the shape of the egg of the birds living at the specific place. Birds of the same species present at different habitats, climates and hemispheres can lay eggs of different shapes.

bird eggs

Colors of eggs:

The eggs of the birds vary in color so we can consider the egg’s color to be an important characteristic during the bird egg identification. Red, brown, zinc, white, golden, grey, purple, black and a lot more colored eggs are present in our world laid by the birds of different species.

birds eggs

Some eggs are spotted and appear to be multi colored however the basic color remains the same for that species.

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