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breeding season for pets

A Guide To Breeding Season For Pets

Number of breeders failed to produce some litter from a bitch. This happens when things go against the plan. But sometimes when things go according to the plan, the breeding is successful among all pets. Sometimes, there are biological issues that do not make the breeding successful in the breeding season for pets.

The length of the cycle in dogs:

A normal heat cycle of the dogs lasts almost three weeks. It has got many stages. The first stage is known as the Proestrus. This is the stage when the vulva of the bitch begins to swell. She will start licking herself. The male dogs start sniffing because her hormones produce a scent that can be judged by the dogs. It means that the bitch is ready for the breeding.  And you may notice her licking herself more than usual. Male dogs will also begin sniffing her more as her hormones begin to produce a scent that signals she is becoming ready to breed.

The stages of heat:

1st week

When the vulva of the bitch starts to swell, she will start producing a bloody discharge. The amount of this discharge changes from one bitch to another.

2nd week

Almost around nine to twelve days, the discharge has a pinkish color. This time is called Estrus. The vulva becomes soft and eggs are released from the ovaries of the bitch. This time the bitch starts to get closer to the dogs, that means she is ready to mate.

3rd week

In this time, if the heat cycle is uninterrupted, the discharge looks like bloody now.

The season and cycles of mating:

A healthy bitch comes into the season almost every six months.

breeding season for pets

The heat cycle of cats and when to breed:

Queens in cats are seasonally known to be polyestrous. They come into heat in certain seasons in one year. They have got cycle of heat multiple times if they are not bred by a male dog. The cycling process mostly occurs in the season of spring and summer when talking about outdoor cats.

The stages of a cat’s estrus cycle include:

Anestrus, proestrous, estrus, interfollicular stage, and metestrus stages. The stage of Anestrus is seen in the shorter days of the winter. The stage of proestrous can be last from 1 to 2 days. In this stage she may call the male cat.

stages of a cat's estrus cycle

Anestrus is typically seen in the short days of winter. The tom is not attracted to the queen, and vice versa. The bleeding seen in bitch cannot be seen in female cats. Estrus stage lasts about a week. It can be shorter or longer and at this stage the queen can be taken to the male cat. The mating may be lasts for 1 to 20 seconds. Three times breeding a day give a chance of ovulation at 90%.

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