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Me-O Wonder cat show

4rth Me-O Wonder Cat show 2015 will be held in Karachi!

Egyptian Demi-gods are soon making a strong appearance in Karachi, Pakistan. Karachites are going to encounter a large number of stunning cats in the most memorable event of the year 2015. Showing soon in Maritime Museum Karsaz on the 6th of December, Me-O Wonder cat show 2015 is going to display the biggest collection of cats ever. Whether you are an elderly, a business man, a house wife or a parent with toddlers; this cat show will hook you to itself the moment you step inside the museum.

Arranging credits of this cat show are proudly held by Qureshi Enterprises who also bear the prestigious position of being the sole distributors of Me-O cat food in Pakistan. Produced by Perfect Companion Group of Thailand, Me-O cat food is widely famous due to its unique flavors, secret ingredients and balanced nutritional value that help in fighting off FLUTD and keeping the cats healthy.

Me-O cat food








Me-O Wonder cat show is going to prove a promising platform for all the pet food and pet accessory dealers to advertise their products. More than 100 different cats are going to make their participation in this upcoming event while the arrangements are large enough to accommodate at the least 500 guests. Apart from the cat competitions, this show is also going to display various attractive stalls, fun-based games for kids, and a large number of family attractions.

Me-O Wonder cat show

Cats landing the first three positions will be awarded with the trophies while all the participants will be provided with gift hampers. Certificate of participation will also be awarded to all participants as souvenir. Cat and visitor registrations are currently open at nominal fee. The show will be open to the public from 3pm till late night on Sunday.

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