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carbon monoxide poisoning

How To Save A Cat Affected By Carbon Monoxide Poisoning?

Although carbon monoxide poisoning is not a common type of poisoning but still the question is that how can a person save his cat’s life if she gets poisoned due to carbon monoxide poisoning? If you are  thinking that how can carbon monoxide gas provide threat to the life of a living being then you must keep in mind that carbon monoxide gas basically seems like a harmless gas as it doesn’t have any odor/smell and is totally transparent. But when this gas enters the blood stream of a human or an animal, it causes blockage to the oxygen supplied to neurological and cardiac parts of the body through blood.

Causes for carbon monoxide poisoning:

There are various causes for carbon monoxide poisoning such as:

  • A cat can easily get poisoned if the carbon monoxide is backfired from the exhaust fan of an automobile while standing in the closed garage.
  • If the exhaust system is troubling and backfiring the carbon monoxide.
  • If the cat gets suffocated due to the fire eruption inside the building and there is lot of smoke.
  • The furnace without any proper ventilation also becomes the source for carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • The cargo portion of an airplane also becomes the biggest source for carbon monoxide poisoning.

Symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning:

If your cat gets poisoned due to carbon monoxide gas then it might reveal some of the following symptoms:

  • Your cat might feel drowsy and sleepy
  • Your cat might feel dull and slow
  • Your cat might be unable to co-ordinate with you properly
  • The skin of your cat will reveal dark red color, even the gums are going to turn dark red
  • Your cat might fall into coma
  • Your cat might also face issues while breathing
  • Sudden death is also possible if other symptoms are not very significant

How carbon monoxide poisoning is medically diagnosed?

If you suspect that your cat has became victim to carbon monoxide poisoning then its best to rush your cat to the veterinary doctor. The vet will administer some medical tests, a physical exam and will also need accurate details from you in order to reach a definite conclusion. The tests that vet are going to administer will be:

  • Blood tests
  • Urine tests
  • Blood gas analysis
  • Carboxyhemoglobin

How to treat carbon monoxide poisoning in cats?

On the spot oxygen supply is mandatory; if you can provide your cat with 100% oxygen then it’s excellent but if not then try to provide it with as much oxygen as possible. If the cat is in very critical condition then its best to get it on ventilator support. Different type of supportive therapies might also be prescribed by the vet including

carbon monoxide poisoning

  • Electrolyte therapy
  • Fluid therapy
  • Nutritional therapy

During the hospital stay, the doctors are going to monitor the neurological and cardiac functioning of the cat in order to find out whether it’s going at the normal rate or not.

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