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seriously pregnant animals who just want their babies out of them already

20 Pregnant Animals That Want Their Babies Out Of Them Already

Having a baby is not an easy thing especially if you are a little creature and you have turned the size of something three times bigger than you, then you realize how tough becoming a mother actually is. Having a baby sometimes feels like you are the size of an elephant, if you are a fox you can feel that quite much. When you are in the process of having a baby, you can’t walk which is the hardest part of all; you can’t eat and sleep easily as well. Animals feel more annoyed than human beings as they don’t get to eat anything to fill their cravings and they can’t get to show you what they feel. Here are some of the seriously pregnant animals who just want their babies out of them already:

  1. Japanese macaque

Japanese Macaque is a little animal that can barely walk when pregnant; she can’t do anything easily before the little one arrives so she just want to have all the weight out of her as soon as possible.

Japanese macaque

  1. Pig

When a pig is pregnant, she gets the unhappiest animal on earth and she gets irritated too easily. She can also bite if she doesn’t like something or if something disturbs her peace.

pig pregnant

  1. Harbor Seal

Carrying a baby is hard and it’s even harder when you carry it up to 11 months, Harbor seal don’t like carrying babies especially when the time period is this long.



  1. Monk Seal

Monk Seal is a rare animal that is not found in a very large number; they have babies quite less in number, so every baby they have is important. Only one baby can be expected by a monk seal in a year.


  1. Giraffe

People thought that carrying a baby for nine month in the womb is hard that’s because they haven’t experienced it for 460 days, but giraffe experienced it as they have to carry a baby inside them for 460 days. The legs of giraffe are quite thin which makes carrying the baby more hard.


  1. Zebra

Carrying a baby is hard when you even have to run away anytime to save your life, carrying it for a year is such a big task that’s why most zebras hate it.


  1. Ferret

Ferret is small in size and she can have loads of babies at the same time, so they find carrying it hard. Sometimes they have too much babies that it seems that their stomach can burst anytime.


  1. Guinea Pig

Guinea pigs can get pregnant anytime, in the specific period of time they get so big that even making a single move is quite hard for them.


  1. Georgia Goats

Apart from being a goat, some goats are known as Georgia got and when these goats get pregnant they get extremely unhappy.

Georgia Goats

  1. Sphynx Cat

Sphynx cat is a sort of angry cat; their time period of being pregnant last for almost sixty five days, but the most interesting part is that when the time is about to arrive they get so tense that you can’t imagine.


  1. Black Pig

Having a baby is hard to handle and when you are expecting ten at the same time, imagine how it feels. Black pig can have a lot of babies and that’s too hard to manage.

Black Pig

  1. Frog

A frog cannot be pregnant as only mammals can get pregnant, frogs have egg inside them and keeping them inside is quite irritating especially when the eggs are 20,000 in number.


  1. Hippopotamus

Hippos are quite large in size, so their babies are also larger when they are born which makes carrying a baby an unhappy moment for them.


  1. Seashores

Seashore is a sea animal and is also a mammal. In seashore, the male members have the babies (eggs) and they can have 100 to thousands of babies at a time.


  1. Fox squirrel

Fox squirrels are tiny in size, but whatever their size is they look too cute in that and when these squirrels are pregnant they become triple in size. The range of babies they can have depends on them and their luck as well; they can have more than one baby at a time.


  1. Heavy Sheep

Sheep cannot carry more than three babies at a time, carrying all the babies at once is not easy. Sheep take best care of their babies but when they are pregnant, they are not too happy with it.

Heavy Sheep

  1. Merino Sheep

When a sheep is having a baby they feel like they are just about to burst, sheep’s are quite friendly but during a specific time they get irritated too soon.

Heavy Sheep

  1. Pony

The time period of the pregnancy last for 362 days for ponies, ponies are not too huge in size but they get when they are pregnant. This transformation in size is not a happy thing for them as they are not used to it.


  1. American Bulldog

Bulldogs can also have more than one puppy at a time, when they are having the babies they get unhappy because of the load in their stomach. When bulldogs are pregnant their anger increases more than they already have.


  1. Gorilla

When Gorillas are pregnant all they want to do all the time is just eat, sleep and repeat. They feel too lazy to do anything else; their world revolves around the same timetable. Gorillas are already huge and during this time, their size increases more which is too annoying for them.


Animals are innocent creatures that do not know what to do and what not to, especially when they are having babies. During this time period, they feel too tired and heavy when the process is ongoing that’s the reason why they want to have the babies come out of them as soon as possible. Pig, harbor seal, frog and sheep are the seriously pregnant animals who just want their babies out of them already.

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