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13 Countries That Are Living Hell For Animals

Have you ever thought about those people that are abusive towards harmless and peaceful animals?  Here is the list of top 13 countries that contain high number cases of animal abuse. Let’s see which countries are dangerous for animals.


Netherlands is known to be highly abusive towards animals. Animal rights activists from all over the world have repeatedly submitted their requests to the Dutch Government to take strict action against the cases of animal abuse and enforce strict laws to control this violence. For years Netherlands has been trading sick animals including cats, horses, dogs, etc.  Some most extreme cases of animal abuse have been reported in Netherlands including crushing the chicks through paper-shredder, using of dog bodies for creating art statues and butchering of dogs in a very merciless way.


If you think that Netherlands is brutal towards animals then wait till you see the animal abuse in Greece.  Greeks feel no mercy while killing cats, wolves and dogs; they loved the butchering of sea turtles. Due to their ruthless behavior with animals, Greeks are widely known by the term of “Barbaric Humans”. The Greek history is laded with the blood of innocent animals. Not only Greek people have enjoyed starving their pets to death but they also liked to suffocate living chicks through plastic bags.


Romanian people have always thrived on their brutal and inhumane behavior towards animals. You will be shocked to see the methods they use for killing animals. Not only Romanians are well-versed in killing strategies but they also trade animals after killing them. Tourists visiting Romania have reported seeing head-down calves hung on trees in various areas of Romania. Romanians love to skin animals alive.


Another country making it to this list is Bulgaria. Bulgarian people like to kill stray dogs and cats through poisoning. They also like to hang dogs in head-down position to the trees and then enjoy the view. Bulgarians also create a grand massacre in which they kill their pet dogs.


Venezuelans hold a different tradition for animal abuse; they love to abuse wild animals. Venezuela proudly carries the shameless history of abuse on wild geese, lions and other wild animals. Animals have never remained safe in Venezuela even if they are residing in a zoo. Recently a zoo lion was tortured to death by the spectators.



Abusing animals is a norm in this country. The abusive behavior towards animals is not only limited to adults but kids have also been reported to be abusive with pet animals on various occasions.  Recently a kitten was tortured to death by a six year old child.


Spain is famous for being a paradise on earth. Spanish people not only kill bulls mercilessly during the bull fights but they also show abusive behavior towards other common animals. Whether it’s a dog, a cat, a bull or even a pig, none of these animals are safe in Spain.


China is known to be a living hell for the animals. Chinese love to skin and slaughter animals such as foxes, dogs, cats and other animals with costly fur. Fishes face the worst torture in China as Chinese tend to remove their organs while they are breathing. But now the Chinese Government has started enforcing strict regulations to control the animal abuse.


The countless slaughter houses in the country, is the biggest reason due to which Australia made it to this list. Large or small, all the animals like bulls, pigs and cattle face the worse torture in these slaughter houses.


Japanese also behave in a very abusive manner towards animals as they don’t consider animals to be living things. Large number of animal abuse cases are reported in Japan each day. Animal abuse in Japan includes slaughtering and torturing of dogs, cats, fishes, and other types of regular animals. Japanese love to throw living kittens in the river to die helplessly.

animal abuse japan


Pakistan also made it to this list due to the fact that even though the animal right laws are present but they are not properly enforced. Animal slaughter is common, animals such as donkeys and horses face the worst torture. Donkeys are also slaughtered and served in the restaurants in the name of bull meat. Chickens are not properly vaccinated during their breeding process and are treated ruthlessly.  Bloody cock fight is a common sport in the rural areas.

animal abuse pakistan


India also made it to this list due to the ever-increasing cases of animal sexual abuse in the rural areas of the country. Many Rural men tend to satisfy their sexual desires through donkeys or bulls.


Although strict regulations have been enforced regarding the animal rights in the country but still there are many places in America where animal abuse is common.

Torturing a cat or dog for mental satisfaction or sexual pleasure is a norm. Baby chicks also face brutal behavior in the chicken factories.

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