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11 Weeks Old Corgi Breaks The Dog Safety Gate

11 Weeks Old Corgi Breaks The Dog Safety Gate

If you are feeling a little bored then just take one look at this little Corgi puppy and you will be drooling over him due to his super cuteness. Beau, who is just 11 weeks old at the time, has been blocked inside the kitchen but he strongly believes in the right of freedom, that’s why he is trying to get rid of the dog-safety gate.

Beau who is an 11 weeks old Corgi puppy, lives happily in his home located in Ohio. Beau has a very special and loving relationship with his master Dan McLaughlin. Dan has to leave Beau alone in the apartment when he goes to work every day. In order to keep Beau safe, Dan puts him into the kitchen that is located at the end of the apartment. The door of the kitchen is blocked by the small sized dog-safety gate. These types of gates are created from very strong material and also serve the purpose of keeping small kids away from the stair-cases.

Recently Dan was feeling very confused because whenever he puts Beau behind the dog-safety gate to go out; he always finds Beau roaming the apartment the moment he returns. In order to put an end to his confusion, Dan installed a CCTV camera on the front wall of the kitchen door so he can find out that how Beau escapes kitchen.

11 Weeks Old Corgi Breaks The Dog Safety Gate

Although Beau is so small in size but it was just a matter of two and a half minutes for him to break the dog-safety gate and escape the kitchen. Beau grabbed the grill of the door through his teeth and started pulling it. After making a little struggle, Beau was able to move the door away from its place and escape the kitchen.

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  1. Having a pet gate is the best way to prevent or restrain your pet from jumping onto something. It should be strong and tall enough to stop them when they have the urge to leap over. Pet gates are meant to withstand pressure. Truly surprised how easily an 11 weeks old puppy brought it down in 2 minutes! Oh well that explains why some folks use electric pet fences or gates.

  2. Your blog is really viral, i loved it

  3. thats really amazing n unexpected

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