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Things To Teach Your Dog

10 Things To Teach Your Dog Must

Giving endless love to your pet dog is just not enough for his upbringing. Teaching etiquettes to your puppy is mutually beneficial for both of you. Here are 10 most basic things to teach your dog must to make him an average and outstanding obedient pet dog.

  1. His name

Name is a rudimentary thing to be taught to your puppy. Always choose a short name. Stand in front of the dog with no leash and call his name while clapping your hands. If he responds, show dog friendly expressions and give him a treat. Repeat the steps for about ten times then move 6-7 steps away and repeat the process.

things to teach your dog

  1. Sit

It is applicable in such circumstances when you’re standing in a crowd or need to take care of a few things and want your dog to remain in the fixed position without running off. Hold a treat up to his nose and gently move up your hand. His head will follow the treat keeping his lower body to remain in a sitting position while his head up high.

train dog to sit

  1. Down

This is a submissive position and very hard to practice. It’s useful for situations where you don’t want your dog to be aggressive. Hold the treat in your hand up to his snout. Let him follow the treat while moving your hand along the floor. Once he is in down position, say “Down” and praise him by giving a reward.

teach your dog

  1. Come

Put leash on him and say” come” while tugging it a bit. When he moves towards you treat him. Repeat without leash.

dog leash training

  1. Stay

Command your puppy to sit, then open your palm and say “stay”. Go to a much greater distance and repeat the process. Reward him and show affection.

teach dog to stay

  1. Hygiene

Don’t allow him to defecate or urinate indoors. Take him to his bathroom area after he’s eaten or played energetically. If you observe him urinating in the wrong area, take him to the designated place. It’s not advisable to punish him.

teach dog to urine

  1. Socialize

Take your pup to park every day and allow him to play with other dogs. Let him growl or bark in front of other pet dogs that ensures socialization and self-control.  Go to pup gatherings.

socialize your dog

  1. Home alone

Teach him to live alone when you’re out, without breaking things and creating mess in the house.

dog home alone

  1. Walk on leash

Put a leash and walk slowly in one direction by tugging the leash a bit. Then change the direction for better results in a smooth symmetry. Keep an eye contact with him.  Reward when he follows you.

Walk on leash

  1. Yes

Teach him the meaning of the word “yes”, when you want him to continue the thing he’s doing.

dog tricks

Repeatedly say this word at times when he does what you want. When he responds, show friendly behavior.

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