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Golden Retriever puppy

10 Reasons Golden Retrievers Are The Best Dog Breeds

If you thinking about adopting a different dog and haven’t made your decision yet then after reading these 10 reasons why golden retrievers are superior dogs, you are definitely going to adopt a golden retriever.

10 reasons that make golden retrievers superior

  1. Silent dogs

Yup Golden retriever is one of the silent dog breeds. Some people like to keep a dog that creates racket, but there are many people who like to enjoy the quite peace when they enter their home. Golden retrievers not only make great guard dogs but also they don’t bark much and are known as silent dogs.

Golden Retriever puppy

  1. Pleasers

Golden retrievers are quite loving towards their family and masters. They are always ready to please their masters at any time of the day. You must only go for the Golden retriever if you are a family person because Golden retrievers don’t like to live alone.

golden retrievers

  1. Stunning coats

The coats of Golden retrievers are extremely elegant and stunningly pretty. Available in rich golden shades, these coats can only be maintained if groomed on regular basis.

Stunning coats

  1. Easy Adaptability

If you are always on the constant move then a Golden retriever is the perfect dog for you due to its highly adaptable features. All it needs is a regular exercise and some playtime with its master.

Easy Adaptability

  1. Extremely well-mannered

Although training plays an important part in their behavior and manners but still Golden retrievers are very well mannered dogs. Whenever there are guests in the house, you will definitely feel pleased due to the good manners of your dog.

Extremely well-mannered

  1. Social

A Golden retriever is extremely social due to its friendly, loving and caring nature. Not only the Golden retrievers are friendly towards fellow animals but they are also friendly towards humans, they truly are family dogs.

golden retriver social

  1. Hardworking

They are extremely hard-working and are very loyal towards their responsibilities. Whether they are playing the role of guard dogs, hunters, blind’s guide; they fulfill their responsibilities with unshakable passion.

Extremely well-mannered

  1. Excellent hunters

Golden retrievers possess the history of being excellent hunters. Whether they are hunting for their living or playing a hunting game with their masters, they display undefeatable hunting skills.

golden retriever hunter

  1. Unbeatable strength

The Golden retrievers possess great strength, beating them during a wrestling is not an easy task. They also possess great love for food and have a big appetite. So if are thinking about adopting a Golden retriever then you must pre-think about the food expenditure. They also possess extremely strong smelling sense due to which they are the most preferred dogs for narcotic forces.

golden retriever power

  1. Love swimming

They love to stay under-water for a long time. Not only are they expert swimmers but due to their water- repellant coats they love to spend time in water.

golden retriever swim

During summers, Golden retrievers love to take a dip in the water on regular basis. As Golden retrievers are very friendly towards kids so they also love to play pool games with the kids during the summers.

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