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10 foods you should avoid giving your dog

Normally, you see that whatever some people eat they use to give the same thing to their dog. Have any one of you ever noticed that human beings never eat what their dogs are supposed to eat? You do so because you have awareness that the dog’s food is not healthy enough for you then how you can give your food to your dog? Healthy diet for pets is as essential as our diet to keep us safe from all digestive system diseases. Here in this article we are going to enlist top 10 food items that you should not give to your dog at all.

  • Onions

Onions are not dangerous for your dog’s health. But if you keep on giving onions to your pet then this will cause a serious health concern to your pet.

  • Coffee

coffee for dogs

Theobromine is also present in the coffee. We should not let this drink to go into the dog’s stomach as it will cause problems for him.

  • Mushrooms


Normally, no one gives mushroom to his or her dog but still there is a need to know this fact. Not all the mushrooms are harmful, only some specific mushrooms are regarded as tricky ones in terms of dogs.

  • Avocado


Avocado is supposed to be dangerous for the digestive system of your dog. You should keep avocados away from your pooch friend. It can also lead to food poisoning in the dog.

  • Grapes/raisins


Grapes are considered as poisonous for the majority of dogs. No one is yet aware of the harmful toxin present in the grapes but still the evidences are negative in this regard. Raisins also do the same job as they are the dried form of grape.

  • Chocolate


Everyone loves to eat chocolate and give our favorite one to pooch. You should say a big no to the chocolate when it comes to your dog. Chocolate contains a caffeine type of chemical named Theobromine. This chemical is found in tea as well as in the coffee. It is okay for human beings but at the same time harmful for your dog’s health. You should not let your dog have this toxic chemical.

  • Sweets and chewing gum


Kids use to share their candies with their buddy pooches. In these candies, there is xylitol. It is a very common sweetener used in candies. Same is the case with this chemical as it is good enough for humans but not for dogs. You should teach your kids to not give their candies to your pet dog. There is a big cross on sweets if you want a healthy diet for overweight dog.

  • Macadamia nuts

Macadamia nuts

These nuts are also not for dogs. According to a recent research, it is proved that these nuts are poisonous only for dogs. Other animals as well as human beings are totally safe by eating them. No one actually knows much about the exact reason behind this. So, you should not give these nuts to your dog instead of waiting for the exact reason.

  • Alcohol


Almost everyone is aware of the fact that alcohol is totally an unhealthy food item for your dog. Some people give this toxic drink to their pets by mistake and then they have to pay for this act. Alcohol is considered as dangerous for even people who are below 18 or 20 then how this drink can be safe for dogs? Even healthy diet for dog with cancer does not include alcohol.

  • Bread Dough


You should avoid giving bread to your pet dog. It is so because when it enters into the dog’s stomach, yeast swallows and can cause problems for the dog.

By keeping all the above mentioned points in mind, we should feed our dogs with good things. There are so many diets for pets available in the market but you need to pick the healthy nutrition for pets you have.

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